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Quiknets is a demo version of YOUR private, interactive Network.
You can have your own similar "social network" for small groups of people, companies etc.

All the functions and services on this page, including the Extra Content functions, are for YOU to action and
in some cases to configure.....personally .....The Private Box, InBox, Group Meeting Rooms, etc, are Yours alone, for the most part. This website is no more than the front end of Your Network. You and your friends/colleagues can join as members of this network, where you can communicate with each other at high speed. Communications are direct, private, spam-free, between you and whoever you address them to. We can quickly set up a "clone" of Quiknets for your company/ group !
Your group (each group) is a Sub-Extranet, typically brought together to do things such as...(show/hide)....
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Winner of Ukraine's "Got talent", 2008--digital sand art---tells story of love and war
Ukraine's Got Talent

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Watch your luggage, folks

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Four days before the massive earthquake and fire
San Francisco cable car ride, in 1906

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His "extreme" views are becoming mainstream... march 24, 2009
Will Ron Paul be proven right, after all?

According to the Financial Times today (March 24, 2009), Ron Paul's formerly "extreme" recipes for resolution of the US' economic difficulties are now being taken seriously. Previously, this Presidential candidate was regarded as a bit of a crackpot by the mainstream media in the US/UK...even though in last years primaries he garnered quite a few votes in some states.

We previously featured Ron...and even before him we suggested that new thinking was needed- especially about the role of the dollar as the reserve currency for the world. See our previous stories below, including the one about the rouble in  June 2007.

For your convenience we quote the FT's story
Believer in small government predicts 15-year depression
By Phil Davis
Published: March 22 2009 09:07

Pension trustees and insurance company portfolio managers look away now. Your increased commitment to government bond holdings in recent times is about to blow up spectacularly.
At least, that is the view of Ron Paul, the US congressman who ran against John
McCain in last year’s Republican Party presidential nomination.

With thanks to Read/Write Web
Comparing MSoft Workspaces, Google Docs....and Quiknets

Microsoft has now released the beta version of Workspaces, and Read/Write Web has kindly provided us all a comparison between Workspaces and Google Docs. In this story, (in full if you click "more" below), I will examine this comparison and compare it to our own Groupfactor "Meeting Rooms" (which we have been calling "Workspaces" in Quiknets version for the past 3 years or so), which we first designed and used more than six years ago !. First a shot of MS Workspaces: 


That's certainly a nice looking interface and we are delighted that MSFT chose colours that reminds our members of the Quiknets colourways! For a detailed comparison of "workspaces" from MSFT and Quiknets, please follow "more"

Tough nuts to crack (June, 2007)
The ruble as a reserve currency?
According to the Russian government news agency, RIA Novosti, President Putin has proposed that the ruble should be used as a currency for payments in international trade. Such a major development would be fiercely resisted in Western capitals, because it would reduce the need for countries to stockpile Western currencies in order to purchase imports.  Today, for example, all oil and other commodity trading is done in dollars. So, you have to earn dollars in order to purchase these vital imports, even from Russia. (Unless you're the US government, of course, in which case you just tell the Fed to print more). The trouble is that there's trillions of surplus dollars lying in central banks around the world and the dollar is devaluing--which means that the strategic currency reserves of these countries are being devalued. So, Putin is saying, let us not quote everything in dollars--let's broaden the choice
Have no doubt- this is a very important, major proposal, from Russia.
The Novosti story is on the next page....


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