Quiknets.com is a web-based social network owned and operated by Herbert Street Technologies Ltd. 16 Herbert St., Dublin 2, Ireland. (tel: 353-1-6629786). It is based on the GroupFactor (c) software for web-based extranets. Patents are pending in North America, EU and other parts of the world.

The GroupFactor software is easily customisable for many different networking applications, such as:

- dispersed, common interest groups, such as www.DevAdvisers.net (Third world development advisers)
- particular industrial or sectoral applications, such as www.Dermanet.co.uk
- improvement of professional processes, such as  www.SkinDoctor.co.uk (including a special database for
online patient referrals for this specialist's patient referrals from GPs)
- extending the intranet of any company or organisation into an extranet, to include external members, or for home/teleworking by regular staff, etc.

These networks can be made highly secure, by addition of transparent encryption. Using Telecryption, documents transferring across the network, between members, can be automatically en/decrypted, or stored in the encrypted state, with passwords- a different one for every two correspondents- being automatically selected and entered by the system itself. The user has only to remember his own Master Password. (Of course, members access is controlled by normal access passwords and SSL transportation encryption can also be used to encrypt documents in transfer (only), although this is less secure than Telecryption.) This makes operating on the Internet more secure than normal operations in local office systems.

The software also provides substantial productivity benefit to individual users- i.e. even apart from benefits for group activity. Each user can store documents online, for access from any PC (Windows and IE browser); send documents to any member or email address by simple right-click; chat; configure his own news feeds and other RSS feeds; and many other benefits.

The main purpose of Quiknets is to introduce the technology to new users. It is free to join and each user has a default 10 megabytes of space for his online documents and activities. Simply fill out the Register form and submit and be a member is c. 40 seconds.

When you are ready to use your own customised version of Quiknets- including your own logo, home page, styling, etc- and maybe even with a login facility from your own existing website- then please ContactUs from the home page for a discussion.


GroupFactor (c) is owned by Herbert Street Technologies Ltd., of Dublin, Ireland.